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Why do I take photographs?

I've seen that question asked by several people lately. For me, the answer is easy. I enjoy taking pictures because it gets me out into God's World. When I'm outside with my camera I see things I would have passed right by before. Now I find myself stopping to enjoy a tiny wildflower, a small stream, or a grand mountain range. The world has so much beauty to offer us if we would only slow down and enjoy it.

I shoot almost exclusively nature or outdoor photos. In the galleries you'll find pictures of mountains, lakes, streams, flowers, and wild animals from a number of places in the United States and Canada. Some of our favorite places include the Utah parks, Great Smoky Mountains, and the Canadian Rockies. I enjoy sharing my pictures almost as much as I enjoy taking them.

Photography has led me to appreciate the glory of everything God has created for us. I encourage you to browse around this site and enjoy the images of God's Glorious Creations. I hope you find something you like and want to hang on your wall at home or at work. You can contact me via email - rcsiggins@gmail.com

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